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Rethink the Club!

Welcome to CLUB UNIQUE BRANDS - your specialist in the selective distribution of luxury goods & lifestyle concepts. From exquisite perfumes to room fragrances and fine care products. If you are looking for the best quality, you are in the right place with our brands.

We love what we do and through individually tailored sales concepts we position beauty and lifestyle brands ideally in the European market.

Our thinking as well as our actions are guided by our own philosophy, which we recently redefined and now always serves as a guide for our behaviour.

But what do we want to achieve with the rebranding and what actually defines our new culture? Where is the added value in our daily business with Club?

These are questions that we have addressed intensively recently and can now present the results proudly.

For more credibility with our partners and a confident self-image –

As a successful distributor, it is always our goal to create clear added value for our customers. In the future, we want to do this more independently and see our USP in our employees and partners. People, in their respected individuality, are at the centre of everything we do! 

Therefore Club will be positioned as a brand in the selective market and serve as the curator for high-quality brands, which is characterised above all by simplicity, emotionality and partnership.

This idea is visually supported by the new logo of the word mark as well as by the corresponding seal, which is at the same time our promise to the trade.

The club is one big family that sees both customers and suppliers as part of it and convinces through personality, reliability and appreciation.

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